This Photo Made Me Smile


Van Hansis and Matthew McKelligon on the first day of shooting EastSiders after their successful Kickstarter campaign raised more than $10K above their original goal. Photo tweeted by series producer Kristyne Fetsic.

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Congratulations to EastSiders

kickHere’s a screenshot of the EastSiders Kickstarter page. They raised more than $10,000 more than their target. That’s excellent for them — and excellent for those of us who enjoy this type of entertainment. You know, authentic, not co-opted by the studios, thus, well, better.

I’m proud to have been a supporter of this venture. I can’t wait to see the result either.

I tracked and wrote about this Kickstarter campaign HERE. Read it, please. I think it’s an excellent model to use when thinking about funding in this manner.

How to Say Thank You — A Saga and a Case Study in Doing It Right

Kit Williamson and Van Hansis star as Cal and Thom in the new web series "Eastsiders."  Watch at

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Okay, kiddos, I brought this up at work last week and a few people seemed to understand some of the words, so I thought I would repeat it in more augmented form here. So, here’s a few tips from the land of Savvy-Ass Marketing 101, inspired by watching the Kickstarter campaign of the web series EastSiders unfold.

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Kickstart This — “Eastsiders” Needs You

Kit Williamson and Van Hansis star as Cal and Thom in the new web series "Eastsiders."  Watch at

Kit Williamson and Van Hansis star as Cal and Thom in the new web series “Eastsiders.” Watch at

Here’s the deal: this is a well-written, crisply acted, well-crafted series that needs to be funded. In the Age of the Innerwebs, this is a way that creative people can develop their talents and also increase the importance of technology to cultural shifts. What’s that mean? It means less advertiser control of our entertainment and more original work delivered to a population starving for it. I’m so excited about this. Just in the last year I’ve watched programs produced for the Web explode in number and quality.

I won’t bore you with any more of my treatises on this issue — for now — because I want you to take a couple of minutes and watch an episode and then give these folks a couple of ducats.

I’ve said before that the reason that I was eager to watch this program is because I’d pay to watch Van Hansis order a ham sandwich, but I was equally captivated by Kit Williamson and the rest of the cast.

In a different generation, I did my share of begging, borrowing, bartering and stealing to get my own work produced on a shoestring. (Dear God, when did I get old enough to be telling war stories that no one alive can relate to anymore?? LOL) Anyhow, all these folks want is a credit card number and a few bucks. Just do it.