NPR Says Julia Child Was Wrong — Um, I Don’t THINK SO!

Julia Child Was Wrong: Don’t Wash Your Raw Chicken, Folks : The Salt : NPR.

I’m open to being proven wrong, but I think this is a lot of bloody hokum. The comments are more prescient than this article.

If there was, in actuality, an epidemic of food borne illness from washing poultry, there would be more of a hue and cry about it. The fact is, the reason there is so much wrong with food today is because modern agribusiness has done a fine PR job convincing us that this the CHICKENS’ FAULT and not the fault of the MASS PROCESSING AND SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY.


Sorry, NPR. Julia Child was never wrong. Image|Paul Child/PBS

Solve the problem by (A) buying your chickens from an organic farmer/butcher or (B) not eating chicken. Telling you not to wash a chicken is like telling you not to wash e coli-ridden bagged lettuce, which you shouldn’t be buying either. HOW HARD IS IT TO RIP UP LETTUCE, PEOPLE?? I’m done ranting, I’m going to go wash a chicken.

I’ve been called out on my near-reverance for the late Ms. Child more than once, but I’m here to tell you, if you study cooking, if you study food, if you study kitchen technique, you will never find a better teacher.

I’m a pretty fine home cook, if I do say so myself. Julia Child taught me how to be fearless in the kitchen and how to marry flavors and, most importantly, how to cover up mistakes with good humor and an extra bottle of wine.

My advice, always, to fellow mortals: don’t fuck with Julia Child.

Sullivan and Savage go to the Library and Talk About Sex, Marriage, Being Gay and Writing Books

I love both Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage. In a recent event sponsored by the New York Public Library, the two got together for a long conversation about a broad range of topics. As ever, both were captivating and insightful. Spend some time watching this; you’ll be glad you did.

Andrew and Dan go to the Library


Ken Cuccinelli Loses Petition To Uphold Anti-Sodomy Law

WASHINGTON — A court has denied Virginia Attorney General and 2013 gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli a full hearing to challenge a ruling that struck down the state’s anti-sodomy statute as unconstitutional.

The court issued a short, two-sentence statement on Monday denying the petition, filed on March 26, for an en banc hearing. The court noted that no judge requested the full hearing in front of 15 judges, after a three-judge panel ruled the statute unconstitutional on March 12.

The decision is a blow for the attorney general, a steadfast social conservative who is running in an increasingly liberal state.

via Ken Cuccinelli Loses Petition To Uphold Anti-Sodomy Law. | Huffington Post

As a former resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I take issue with Luke Johnson’s assessment that Virginia is “an increasingly liberal state.” While it may be LESS virulently conservative than it was at one time, it is far, far from liberal — unless we’re talking Arlington County in Northern Virginia only.

Friends who still live in the commonwealth look in awe at Cuccinelli and wonder how he became AG and if he’s going to become governor. I’ll just say this: never bet against crazy. Vote against it, please, but never bet against it. In electoral politics as in well, just about any other endeavor that involves selling, look up what P.T. Barnum had to say about the American people!

Oh, Myyyy! George Takei Surprises Teen on Anderson Live.

There’s just nothing about this that I don’t love! Watch the clip.

Anderson Cooper had a special surprise for the New Jersey teen whose impassioned coming out speech at a high school ceremony made him a viral video superstar.

Eighteen-year-old Jacob Rudolph, who identified himself as LGBT while accepting an award for class actor in front of his graduating class, told Cooper that “Star Trek” actor George Takei was his idol.

Fortunately for Rudolph, Takei was waiting backstage. Watch the clip to see what happened!

via Jacob Rudolph, LGBT New Jersey Teen, Meets George Takei On ‘Anderson Live’.

Gay Teen Boys And Highschool Romance

My eldest son came home from school to inform me that he thought one of his schoolmates liked him, because they slipped a self-authored poem to him in the hallway. And even though it’s not really surprising, his admirer was also a boy.

via Gay Teen Boys And Highschool Romance – My Teenage Son Has A Gay Suitor.

This is a sweet story by a rockin’ mom! The link is to the site “mommyish” which, I assure you, I do not read! LOL I got to it from HuffPo. Anyhow, worth a read.