This Photo Made Me Smile


Van Hansis and Matthew McKelligon on the first day of shooting EastSiders after their successful Kickstarter campaign raised more than $10K above their original goal. Photo tweeted by series producer Kristyne Fetsic.

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Congratulations to EastSiders

kickHere’s a screenshot of the EastSiders Kickstarter page. They raised more than $10,000 more than their target. That’s excellent for them — and excellent for those of us who enjoy this type of entertainment. You know, authentic, not co-opted by the studios, thus, well, better.

I’m proud to have been a supporter of this venture. I can’t wait to see the result either.

I tracked and wrote about this Kickstarter campaign HERE. Read it, please. I think it’s an excellent model to use when thinking about funding in this manner.