Scott Evans: One of the People You May Know

Of course I know who Scott Evans is. The openly blond actor is the kid brother of Captain America star Chris Evans. He has made a name for himself in his own right with a memorable turn on One Life to Live playing a cop, one of our top five gay career fantasies, according to the Village People. Most recently I spotted him in the audience at the Emmy Awards, and a few weeks ago on the patio of a bar in West Hollywood. So, yes, I certainly know who he is. I just don’t know him. But try telling that to Facebook.

via Derek Hartley: Scott Evans: One of the People You May Know.

Scott Evans as Ofc. Oliver Fish on “One Life to Live,” part of one of daytime’s first longer term gay couples. Sadly, Facebook has never connected him to me!

Love this piece on HuffPo. I was just having this conversation with a co-worker. Everyone Facebook suggests to me either (A) I don’t know or (B) I absolutely, positively never, ever want to be friends with — like the troll who orchestrated my ouster from one of the best jobs I ever had. [Well, karma’s a bitch: he got his! LOL]

Anyhow, it seems to me that at this point in my long Facebook “career,” if I’m going to be friends with someone, I’ve already friended them or vice versa. I have enough friends.

As to Derek Hartley’s article, I have to admit to being more than a little bit jealous here. I legitimately know (not just “Facebook know”) a few folks who travel in the same circles as Mr. Evans, but Facebook has never suggested his dreamy visage to the right of my screen. Upset by that, I must admit! LOL

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