Jason Hite Bare Broadway Buzz

Jason Hite plays one-half of the central couple in “Bare,” now playing at New World Stages. Image: Broadway.com

Teens have even approached him in tears after the show, saying, “This is my story.” Although Hite has a girlfriend in real life, it’s not hard for him to fall for his co-star Taylor Trensch every night. “I take the love I have for my girl and just copy and paste it onto Taylor,” he says. “It’s honest love. It doesn’t matter who the person is, it doesn’t matter what they are. Sometimes, love is just undeniable.”

via Jason Hite on Sharing a Dressing Room With 15 People and Getting Steamy With His Bare Co-Stars | Broadway Buzz | Broadway.com.

He is very good in this. As is Taylor Trensch. As are several other standouts in the cast. The problem: the script does not live up to them, I’m sorry to say.

My original thoughts here.

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