Quote of the Day

A valuable truism from my friend and former colleague David Ebenbach.

THE ARTIST’S TORAH quote of the week (and happy Purim!): “People succeed by allowing themselves to enter the fear, to pass through it or to live with it. As artists, we have to open ourselves up to this experience. What frightens you? What do you desperately not want to deal with in your work? What wall of water stands in your way?”

(from the chapter “B’shallach: Fear”; each chapter is a week of the year, a week of exploration of the creative process. I’m planning to post a quote from each chapter, one per week, for as long as I can keep it up.)

You can find out more about The Artist’s Torah here:

The Artist’s Torah | David Ebenbach

David’s guide to the creative process, THE ARTIST’S TORAH, is an uplifting and down-to-earth guide to the creative process, wide open to longtime artists and first-time dabblers, to people of every


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