Tom Goss is ‘Awesomesauce’

[Interview] Tom Goss is ‘awesomesauce’.|GA Voice

The cut below is from a pretty good interview done by Laura Douglas-Brown for GA Voice. Goss is a particular favorite of mine. His live recordings feature lots of rambling interaction with the audience and it makes him come across as incredibly human and genuine. Also, he writes some lovely stuff. Click the photo for his website.


Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss. The D.C.-based troubadour performs all over the country. Photo: GA Voice|Tom Goss.

Years ago, Tom Goss planned to be a Catholic seminarian. Now he’s headed to Atlanta to help raise funds for a bunch of fake nuns.

An acoustic singer-songwriter known for both his music and his messages, Goss performs at Atlanta’s First Existentialist Congregation on Saturday, March 9, to benefit the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the group of drag nuns dedicated to community service for LGBT people and beyond.

“I’ve met Sisters all over the country; I love their energy and their works,” Goss tells GA Voice.

And while Goss will join the Atlanta Sisters as performer rather than priest, he still packs powerful meanings into his music.

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