Equality Starts Tuesday — We Hope


HRC is encouraging everyone to wear red on Tuesday and Wednesday to show their support for marriage equality while the issue is being heard by the Supreme Court.

I’m on the road beginning Tuesday, so limited blogging for about a week and a half, unless I find something truly amazing to yack about. (Those desperate to hear from me, follow me on Twitter [look to the left] as I’m so much better at tweeting when I’m away than I am otherwise.)

Until then, please take a moment and send those anti-discrimination vibes to the Supreme Court on Tuesday and Wednesday when the justices will hear arguments in the Proposition 8 case (Tuesday) and the Defense of Marriage Act case (Wednesday).

We’re on the precipice of real and permanent change in this country. In spite of the fact that, to mangle a quote from Dan Savage, the land of the free and the home of the brave is usually the place where freedom and bravery come last, often we do get there.

Let’s make it happen.

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