Charm of DAYS’ Gay Supercouple “Cannot be Denied”

Whether or not the sand runs out on Will and Sonny is up to the writers and others involved. There is word (though not officially confirmed by the actor) that Massey doesn’t plan on returning to Salem after his contract runs out this December. Still, fans can currently enjoy the ups-and-downs of one of (if not the biggest) daytime television power couple. Even if you are not a fan of Days of our Lives or soaps in general, the presence, power, and charm of the couple cannot be denied.

via Andrew Benkovic: The Daytime TV Power Couple That May (or May Not) Surprise You.

I agree. Benkovic’s piece on HuffPo is good, especially given that he’s very upfront about not being a longtime Days of Our Lives fan — or soap fan in general.

GAYTASTIC — Will Horton (Chandler Massey, left) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith, right) have emerged as one of the most popular couples on the NBC daytime serial “Days of Our Lives.” Powerful and immensely likable performers, Massey has received three Emmy nominations and Smith was nominated in 2013. Massey won in 2012 and 2013.

The latest machinations with Adrienne talking trash and Will doubting himself and doubting Sonny’s commitment to Will and the baby have served to derail the post-partem/post-gunshot euphoria the duo has been experiencing of late, but I think it’s a good little ripple — even though I want to backhand Will sometimes — and it serves to reinforce the idea that Will’s self-confidence is only about an inch deep. I mean, if Sami Brady was your mother, how confident would you be?

Lots of drama on the boards right now about Chandler Massey leaving after his contract expires. I’ll take that with a grain of salt right now. NBC and Ted Corday would be damn fools to let him walk away when he’s one of the most popular characters on the show right now and soaps are no longer a dime a dozen. Given taping schedules, we’re likely to see him full time until next March or April. Smart producers would throw money at him and work around his college schedule by back-burnering his story for six months at a time. Plus, you keep Freddie Smith in the forefront and, other than making ME happy, it reminds the audience of the importance of the couple to the Salem landscape. And besides, we’ve never had a long-term gay couple on soaps — and no, Noah and Luke don’t really count as long-term, as much as I loved them — and we need one.

Also, Freddie alluded to something in an interview a while back and I’m interested to see what transpires. Watch this space in October. We’ll see if I’m right!

(Click around here, if you’re interested in this; it’s been one of my favorite subjects of late.)

3 thoughts on “Charm of DAYS’ Gay Supercouple “Cannot be Denied”

  1. I hope, too, that TPTB will try to work with Chandler and hopefully he will stay awhile longer. At least until Freddie’s contract expires in April 2015. But not sure if Chandler would be willing to do that. I would like for WilSon to get married and be happy for awhile, at least until they decide what to do with Will’s character. They could have him go to prison for the EJ shooting (you know that is going to catch up with him sometime) and while he is “away” they could have Sonny fight for custody of Arianna. After that, they could have Sonny meet someone else, and then if he would decide to divorce Will and move on (if Chandler does not want to go on recurring status). Bottom line is I don’t want to see Freddie leave when Chandler does. I want Sonny to stay on as a character. Freddie Smith is a fantastic actor and is doing a terrific job in his own right, and should be allowed to continue on the show. I love Will and Sonny together, but do not feel that just because one actor decides to leave, that they have to end the storyline. We will just have to see how TPTB and the writers handle this situation.

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