Nickelodeon Actor Comes Out

Lucas Cruikshank, Nickelodeon actor and star and creator of the popular YouTube series Fred, came out of the closet in a Q&A video posted to his channel today.

via Towleroad (includes video embed — it’s kinda cute, actually)

I suppose this was inevitable — some young celeb comes out and I have no freakin’ idea who in the hell they are. I am officially old. *sigh*

Well, anyway, good for him. I think that the more young people who come out on their own terms and just get on with it, the better off we’ll all be. I envy the nonchalance of this generation. It certainly beats the angst-ridden youth of my generation.


Lucas Cruikshank and Jennifer Veal. He came out today. I have no idea who either of them are because I am, alas, too damn old. |Image: screen grab via Towleroad.

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