House Republicans Show Themselves To Be Dangerously Incompetent, Again – Business Insider

In fact, this is the least stunning event ever. The bill would have raised the debt ceiling. It would have changed Obamacare, Republicans\’ white whale, in only the most trivial ways. The powerful conservative pressure group Heritage Action opposed it. Of course Speaker John Boehner couldn\’t get the votes.

The only stunning thing is that anyone still looks at House Republicans and says: “You know what would be great? Giving these people more power over public policy.”

via House Republicans Show Themselves To Be Dangerously Incompetent, Again – Business Insider.

A decent article by Barro on the clusterfuck that is Washington these days. [H/T to Andrew Sullivan BTW for this.]

I’m not nearly as bullish on Chris Christie as Barro seems to be, but most of his other ruminations are sound.

It is just an embarrassment to be an American just now, I find.

I lived in D.C. when the Gingrich Congress shut down the government. That was ridiculous, but this is just mentally ill. How did we get here? … Well, I have an answer, but it would require a bunch of lazy Americans to get up off their asses and get to the voting booth and standing up to corporate bullshit. But … since that ain’t gonna happen, I guess I’ll just have to keep tilting at windmills on my own.

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