Green Day

This is a terrific piece on Mental Floss about someone who is fast becoming a real hero of mine: John Green.

The Green Movement | Mental Floss


Nerdfighter John Green. Image: Jason Wallis|Mental Floss

If you don’t know about Green, you may be too old. And by too old, I mean over 25 or so. He is an Internet sensation of a sort to a particular group of people. He’s a wildly successful author of young adult fiction and, with his brother Hank, is a founder of VidCon, a gathering of emerging YouTubers that is expected to have an attendance of around 25,000 this year.

Buried in the linked piece is this sentence, that I think sums up why Green is having such a positive impact on today’s youth: “It’s wrong to make people feel other and separate.”

Think about that for just a second. That’s a powerful statement. What are the implications if we stopped doing that? Wow.


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