Prom Time, Again


Logan Westrope (left) and Michael Martin post-prom. Photo by Jodi Brotman Westrope| Image:

In my 2014 Top 10 Posts list, I noted that the 10th most-viewed post on this blog last year was actually a piece from 2013 about a gay couple heading to their high school prom in Carmel, New York.

This story, published first (I believe; apologies if my research is entirely inaccurate!) on Outsports, is a piece about a gay couple going to the prom in West Virginia. Somehow, it’s that West Virginia angle that grabs you. That takes some cojones. Or maybe not, anymore. Even in West Virginia. All I know is that it sure as hell wouldn’t have happened in my southern hometown back in the dark ages when I had my high school prom which, for the record, I did not attend.

One of the young men will attend Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa. in the fall. Having intimate knowledge of that institution, I’ll keep a weather eye out.

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