Bret Easton Ellis and the Magical Gay Elves

The rush to embrace and console every gay man who comes out is infantilizing and condescending—but it’s a script written and promoted by GLAAD and reinforced by a sanctimonious establishment of gay men that rewards those who play by the rules—and punishes those who don’t. Novelist Bret Easton Ellis on why he refuses to take his bitch-slapping lying down.

via In the Reign of the Gay Magical Elves | Out Magazine.

Oh, Bret Easton Ellis, you insane, snarky old bastard. I actually agree with you on a lot of this, but as one gay man to another, can I also inform you that there is an enormous swath of the American public that needs to be nudged along a little softly. At least right now. Yes, it makes my eyes roll sometimes, too, but dial back the rhetoric just a bit — just a bit — and let’s let the rest of the country catch up.

And for the record, I vehemently disagree with you about Matt Bomer. He’s an actor. It shouldn’t matter that he’s gay playing straight any more than a straight actor playing gay. Get over yourself just a touch.

Things That Make Me Insane

Good article by Domenick Scudera on HuffPo about Bret Easton Ellis saying Matt Bomer is not right for a lead in a proposed film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey because he is “openly gay.”

Number 1 — Bret Easton Ellis? Really? Who cares. Write something in the last two decades that anyone cares about. Shut up. Stop being a douchebag.

Number 2 — Fifty Shades of Grey? Really? Start caring about a book that’s not pablum for oversexed and frustrated housewives.

Number 3 — Matt Bomer is a helluva good actor. Shut up, Bret Easton Ellis.


Heterosexual actors do not seem to have this problem. They are easily accepted as gay in film. Tom Hanks, William Hurt, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Christopher Plummer, all heterosexual actors, as far as I know, won Oscars for playing homosexual characters. Where was the outrage when these films were cast? Was anyone shouting, “Tom Hanks playing gay? Never! No way! Unbelievable!!!”? No. Instead, Hanks was handed an Academy Award, and audiences marveled at how brave he was for tackling an incredibly challenging role.

Number 4 — Though I have no inside knowledge of this, sources say he’s a really nice guy, too. Shut up, Bret Easton Ellis.

Number 5 — He’s also dreamy hot.