Carnival’s Latest Cruise Ship Snafu

Couple Missing From Carnival Cruise Ship — Daily Intelligencer.

Rescuers are searching the waters off the coast of Forster, Australia for 30-year-old Paul Rossington and 26-year-old Kristen Schroder. (Surveillance camera footage shows the pair falling from their Carnival deck on Wednesday night.) 

Remember when Regis and Kathy Lee were shilling for the Carnival “fun ships?”

Listen, if you get on one of these poop cruise extravaganzas today, well, you get what you pay for!

And you know what? Back in the day, they weren’t all that fun either.

Here’s a true story for you. My partner and I had only been dating a few months when we went on a Carnival Caribbean cruise with another couple. One night, some binge-drinking “WOO!” girl was in the ship’s piano bar. She leans over to the piano player and says “HEY! I’ll show you my tits (TEEEEE-uts) if you play ‘The Stars Fell on Alabama!” Lee whacks me on the arm and says, “We’re leaving.” That’s the moment I knew we were destined for each other!

See Ya ….


I’m off on another adventure. April has been my month of adventuring and by the end of the month will have driven from Buffalo, New York to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. And that’s not counting where I’ve flown. At what price glory, all this travel? Well, we’ll see. (Cross those fingers!)

Anyhow, follow me on Twitter (look left) to see where I am at any given moment should you care, but likely no posts here until May 1.

Until then, happy trails!

Fascinating Story of Gennett Records – “Race Music” & The Klan

Witt grad roots out truth on Gennett |


Image: Springfield News Sun

This is a pretty interesting article if you’re into either jazz, early American recordings, eastern Indiana history or the Klan. The latter, hopefully, for historical purposes only.

It’s the story of Gennett Records of Richmond, Ind., and how they became pioneers in recording and manufacturing early jazz records that contain some of the very first recordings of Hoagy Carmichael, ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton, King Oliver, and many others alongside the manufacture of Starr pianos and phonographs.

The remnants of the Gennett works still reside in the “Starr Valley” in Richmond, as does a “walk of fame” featuring medallions commemorating the great artists that were recorded there. And, if you’re hungry, visit Richmond on a day when they are serving five-course farm-to-table dinners at the restored home of Henry and Alice Gennett on Main Street.

Daniel Radcliffe Sounds Off On Why British Men ‘Seem Gay’

Radcliffe has been the subject of gay rumors since catapulting to stardom after the “Harry Potter” series.

“The papers used to say I had a gay face, whatever that is, or a gay voice but it simply wasn’t true,” he told the Daily Express in March, according to Pink News. “[But] when you know a gay guy has a crush on you, it’s the most flattering thing.”

via Daniel Radcliffe Sounds Off On Why British Men ‘Seem Gay’.

I love him. He seems so damn, well, reasonable.

Every time I go to the U.K. I think, “Everyone’s so much more likable here than they are in the States.” HA! Probably completely not true, but I do feel more at home ‘across the pond’ in many ways, I must admit.

Ho! Ho! Ho! — Or Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, As The Case May Be

[My review, here]

“The soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”

My business partner and I are wending our way to the Big Apple next week for a whirlwind theatre adventure. We’re there to see A Christmas Story: The Musical, primarily, because we want to see if it’s up to scratch.

It’s my all-time favorite Christmas movie and I tend to have low expectations of most musicalizations of plays or movies, but I hope I’m wrong in this case. My partner’s favorite Christmas movie is Elf, and judging by the snippet shown this Thanksgiving during the Macy’s parade, it was well and truly better off NOT being made into a musical.

We license our own Christmas show, so technically this is a business trip. Look, no one ever said that checking out the competition couldn’t be fun!

A Christmas Story, if you don’t know, was based on portions of Jean Shepherd’s book, In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. Like my Dad, I loved Shep. I could listen to him spin yarns for hours and hours. Some of the folks you meet in A Christmas Story — Flick, Kissel, The Old Man, the Bumpass Hounds and other denizens of Cleveland Street — pepper his stories of growing up in Northern Indiana. It’s Americana at it’s best.

Amtrak ‘Ride With Pride’ Campaign Releases Two Gay-Friendly New Ads

This is one of my favorite things recently. First, I do love the train — so, yeah, Amtrak! Second, the HuffPo article below contains this lovely bit:

The new “Ride With Pride” campaign depicts two same-sex couples with children, while directing users to a unique, gay-friendly site featuring vacation packages for Martha’s Vineyard… 

You can take the train to Martha’s Vineyard??

from Amtrak

Amtrak ‘Ride With Pride’ Campaign Releases Two Gay-Friendly New Ads (PHOTOS).