Shakespeare and the Syph — Comic Superhero Duo or Freakishly Literary VD?

Did Shakespeare Have Syphilis? | PBS NewsHour.


A report from the NewsHour on possible illnesses of famous literary figures. There’s a new book out, natch. Whenever you think about the follies and foibles of modern medicine, think about this:

[John] Milton is known to have “dabbled in physic,” or taken popular medicines of the day in a failed attempt to save his eyesight. These may have included “mummy” (ground-up human bones or flesh), human sweat, cat-ointment, oil of puppies, and sugar of lead, the last of which may have led to Milton’s gout and kidney failure.


Shorpy – “Always Something Interesting”

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive | Vintage Fine Art Prints.

This is a guilty pleasure/time suck. It’s an archive of hi-q photos from the 1850s through the 1950s (more or less). Great fun to see these slices of life that don’t exist at all anymore.

Plus, you can buy loads of crap suitable for framing!

30 Rock 1933 - Image: Shorpy

30 Rock 1933 – Image: Shorpy