Going to Pot: College Students Taking the Time to Toke

Read some news this morning that I don’t find all that newsworthy. According to the surveys that make up the University of Michigan’s annual Monitoring the Future report, marijuana use has been on the uptick among college-aged students since 2006.

Daily or near-daily marijuana use was reported by 5.9 percent of college students in 2014–the highest rate since 1980, the first year that complete college data were available in the study. This rate of use is up from 3.5 percent in 2007. In other words, one in every 17 college students is smoking marijuana on a daily or near-daily basis, defined as use on 20 or more occasions in the prior 30 days.

Here’s what I want to know: is the study suggesting that we’re raising a bunch of potheads? Or are the numbers trending upwards because there are more places than ever in the U.S. where marijuana is legal today than there ever has been before. And, not only that, marijuana possession has been significantly decriminalized even in areas where it is still technically illegal.

I don’t know why this point is not made in the survey. (At least it is not mentioned in the press release; I haven’t read the entire study.)

I also don’t know why we care. I would much rather see marijuana use trend up and alcohol use trend down. But, maybe I’m just an old hippie.

Another Place NOT to go to College

from today’s Inside Higher Ed

LeTourneau U Bars Athletes From Same-Sex Dating 

May 21, 2015

LeTourneau University, a Christian university in Texas, has adopted an athletes’ handbook that bars athletes from “same-sex dating behaviors and public advocacy for the position that sex outside of a biblically defined marriage is morally acceptable.” The handbook’s language was revealed by the website Outsports. It is not known if there are any gay athletes at the university. A spokesperson said via email to Inside Higher Ed that “our policy has always reflected who we are as a private Christian university. That’s not new.”

*sigh* Grow up already.

Hometown News

According to reports in the Baltimore Sun*, three more students have been stabbed on the campus of Morgan State University. The stabbings occurred outside of the campus cafeteria. The students were football players and reports indicate that it may have had something to do with a fight that broke out at a dance over the weekend.

This is the second time police have been called to the campus in a week for a stabbing. Last Friday, a student stabbed his roommate over their messy dorm room.

Word to the wise: neatness counts.

*Alert Baltimoreans of a certain vintage would call this publication “the Sunpaper.” Light for all, bitches.