One First Word

Me, on Facebook this morning….

The view from here: Bashar al-Asad is gassing his own people and we’re about to intervene militarily, Putin and Friends have made Russia one of the most scarily anti-gay places on earth but the IOC is not moving the Olympics because, like the jews in 1936, we don’t care enough about the homos we’re sending, journalists’ families are being harassed by governments because of the Snowden leaks, the entire Western portion of the country is on fire, the Do-Nothing Congress is gearing up for another utterly meaningless fight on the utterly meaningless debt ceiling, Pakistan, the Taliban, Iraq, Iran, fracking, Keystone XL, AQAP…. and if you listen to the American “news media” you would assume that the only two stories happening in the world are Ben Affleck being cast as Batman and how Miley Cyrus lost the plot at the VMAs.

Some days, everything annoys me. This is one of those days.

And so it goes.