Breaking News: Chris Christie is Fat


New Jersey’s Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a fat guy. That’s what was topping the national news this evening. It’s because President Clinton’s former physician was quoted as saying she was worried that Christie might die in office because he’s overweight.

First of all, what business is it of hers?

Second of all, how rude can you be? You want to espouse medical knowledge when you’ve never even met the man? And you want to do it in public? Beyond tacky.

Third of all, there are plenty of very healthy “overweight” people. Some people have blonde hair. Some people are bald. Some people are gay. Some people are straight. And some people are fat. End of.

Finally, while there is very, very, VERY little that the New Jersey governor and I agree on politically — though I must admit I appreciated his outrage at the Federal non-response to Superstorm Sandy — but I will tell you this: no one knows Chris Christie is fat better than Chris Christie. No one who has ever been overweight — ten pounds or two hundred pounds — is not aware of it.