Kevin Keller: It Gets Better

It was Kevin Keller Day recently courtesy of the It Gets Better Project and Archie Comics. Keller, you may know, is Archie Andrews’ pal from Riverdale, U.S.A. and, in addition to appearing in other Archie Comics titles, fronts his own eponymous book.

Thanks to Dan Parent, who created Kevin Keller, the world of Archie Comics has gotten exponentially better — not to mention more diverse and incredibly more affirming. Not bad for a town where Archie, Jughead and company have been high school juniors since 1941!


Superman as gay teen … or gay teen as Superman. Works either way. | Image: Dan Parent/Archie Comics. Click image for more Kevin Keller.

Gay Teen Bullying Study In England Finds It Does Get Better


The seven-year study involved more than 4,000 teens in England who were questioned yearly through 2010, until they were 19 and 20 years old. At the start, just over half of the 187 gay, lesbian and bisexual teens said they had been bullied; by 2010 that dropped to 9 percent of gay and bisexual boys and 6 percent of lesbian and bisexual girls.

The researchers said the same results likely would be found in the United States.

via Gay Teen Bullying Study In England Finds It Does Get Better. AP story via Huffington Post Gay Voices.

The It Gets Better Project is one of the greatest initiatives launched in recent memory. It’s such a genius idea. I think most of what Dan Savage does is genius, truth be told.

Hollyoaks, the UK soap, is in the midst of a long-term bullying story arc. Grittier and more real than anything we see on TV in the US. I’ve linked to the Channel 4 website, but you can’t view it in the US unless you’re sneaky!