Little Gay Movie Makes Big Splash, Baby – er – Gayby

How A Gay Indie Movie Made A Giant Splash During Pride Week.

Halle Berry, Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, Jason Statham, James Franco and Mila Kunis, and Melissa McCarthy. They’ve all got movies atop the top of the iTunes charts right now. Familiar names and the usual suspect of movie stars. And then there’s… Matthew Wilkas in something called Gayby?

This week, Apple selected the little independent movie as its Movie of the Week on iTunes, giving prominent spotlight and promotion to director Jonathan Lisecki’s comedy about a straight woman, her gay male best friend, and their quest to have a child together.


Jenn Harris, Jonathan Lisecki and Matthew Wilkas of Gayby, the quirky “half-gay” comedy that’s taking iTunes by storm. | Image: Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal

I’m a natural born cynic. I’m just sayin.’ So, when I first heard the premise of this movie last year, the first thing I did was roll my eyes. Then I watched a trailer, because, well, that takes no investment at all. And I liked it. Then I watched the damn movie.

To my utter shock, I LOVED IT! I just loved every second of it. It’s witty, the actors are great, the direction and writing are tight. Writer/Director/Actor/Gay-of-all-Trades Jonathan Lisecki is utterly and completely charming as the BFF.

I am not surprised it’s gone gaga on iTunes. It’s a fabulous film — and proof, yet again, that the real talent lies with the crowd-funded Indie dudes (and dudettes) and not in the well-heeled hallways of Hollywood.