Actor Hunter Canning Talks ‘The Outs,’ ‘Whatever This Is’

Actor Hunter Canning talks to MBS about acclaimed web-series The Outs and new series Whatever This Is.

Tommy Heleringer as Scruffy and Hunter Canning as Jack, two of the stars of the web series The Outs.

Tommy Heleringer and co-star Hunter Canning on the set of The Outs.

Nice interview. Of the web series’ I love, ‘The Outs’ is right at the very top. Adam Goldman’s Rascal Department is filming their latest creation (also starring Canning) right now. I didn’t discover ‘The Outs’ in time to contribute, but I did to ‘Whatever This Is.’ I am enjoying immensely watching these talented young people work.

Take It Good One — One Last Time

Last episode of one of my favorite Web series, The Outs, will be released on April 1. The trailer is below. You should watch all of the episodes. No, seriously, watch The Outs!

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A+ storytelling and fine acting. Proud to have contributed to their Kickstarter.


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