Wentworth Miller Attempted Suicide Before Coming Out As Gay

Wentworth Miller Attempted Suicide Before Coming Out As Gay


Out actor Wentworth Miller.

No one is glad that it happened, but people need to know what no matter how well-known you are, you can be affected by the same demons that gnaw at many of us “regular” folks. Miller should certainly be praised for his courage. Many people can dis this, but I’ve said it a thousand times, Hollywood is the most homophobic place in the world.

Towleroad has Miller’s comments about suicide made at an HRC event.

Wentworth Miller Comes Out


Actor/writer Wentworth Miller. |Image: Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images AsiaPac via BuzzFeed

Wentworth Miller Comes Out: ‘Prison Break’ Star Reveals He’s Gay.

Okay, unlike yesterday’s “revelation” about Lucas Cruikshank, at least I know who Miller is! Also, the reason why is important, too. We all have to stand up and take a stand against injustice and intolerance and horrifying whack jobs every now and then.

And, because every story deserves a bit of levity, here’s BuzzFeed’s take on it!