San Francisco Bans Public Nudity

San Francisco supervisors voted Tuesday afternoon to officially ban public nudity, marking the end of an era for a “city where anything goes.”

Supervisor Scott Wiener’s ordinance was approved in a 6-5 vote, with the moderates on the board generally supporting it and the progressives voting in opposition.

via San Francisco Bans Public Nudity: Supervisors Make Historic Vote.

I love the argument that requiring a minimal amount of clothing in public is a violation of freedom of speech. Some people may accuse me of being an ass or showing my ass, but actually showing my ass on the street — nothing to do with talking.

Also, the name of the sponsor of this legislation is Weiner. *chuckle* Hi, I’m 15.

PS – Why are there no beautiful nudists? If I wanted to see naked pudgy old people, I’d just look in the damn mirror!

This link from HuffPo also includes an AP story.

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