Roller Derby Provides a Model for Acceptance of Gay Men


New York Shock Exchange players scrimmage at a recent practice. (Photo by Jim Flood) Huffington Post

Well, good on ya, roller derby dudes. Who knew? Great article by Jim Flood, BTW.

Joe Andreone, aka Truth Hurtz, said he thinks of his two gay teammates on Baltimores Harm City Homicide as “brothers” just like the rest of the team. Andreone said that roller derby accepts anyone who wants to compete, regardless of race, sexual orientation or body type. “It has changed my life for the better,” he said, “and I wish that other sports would take notice of the roller derby community and all it has to offer anyone thats interested.”

via Jim Flood: Roller Derby Provides a Model for Pro Sports in Accepting Openly Gay Men.|Huffington Post|

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