How to Behave Around Your Gay Teammate in the Locker Room

At the absolute worst, this teammate finds you attractive and has a moment of weakness and lets one little glance slip that you catch, and you notice because you’re (of course) already staring at him. Now you know how the thousands upon thousands of breasts you’ve stared at slack-jawed in your lifetime feel. Congratulations, Margaret, you’ve just become a woman!

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Priceless. It’s funny as hell — because it’s from Second City — but it rings pretty true. Take a read. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to head to a locker room!

Roller Derby Provides a Model for Acceptance of Gay Men


New York Shock Exchange players scrimmage at a recent practice. (Photo by Jim Flood) Huffington Post

Well, good on ya, roller derby dudes. Who knew? Great article by Jim Flood, BTW.

Joe Andreone, aka Truth Hurtz, said he thinks of his two gay teammates on Baltimores Harm City Homicide as “brothers” just like the rest of the team. Andreone said that roller derby accepts anyone who wants to compete, regardless of race, sexual orientation or body type. “It has changed my life for the better,” he said, “and I wish that other sports would take notice of the roller derby community and all it has to offer anyone thats interested.”

via Jim Flood: Roller Derby Provides a Model for Pro Sports in Accepting Openly Gay Men.|Huffington Post|

Foxworth: It’s Time for All Jocks to Embrace Diversity

Excellent op-ed by Foxworth. Definitely worth a read.
Domonique Foxworth: It’s Time for All Jocks to Embrace Diversity. |Huffington Post

While we are still waiting for the gay pioneer in professional football, I can tell you that I already admire his bravery and selflessness — he will be trading peace and the ability to “fit in” for added pressure and intense scrutiny. All I can offer is my support, and hopefully he will feel emboldened knowing that he will have earned a permanent place in American sports and civil rights history.


Former NFL cornerback Dononique Foxworth retired from the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. He is now president of the NFL Players Association and an outspoken advocate for LGBT acceptance in professional sports. Photo: Keith Allison|Wikimedia Commons

Robbie Rogers – U.S. Soccer Player Comes Out

Robbie Rogers Gay: U.S. Soccer Player Comes Out, Steps Away From Sport.

Robbie Rogers. Photo: Wilson Wong/Wikimedia Commons

Robbie Rogers. Photo: Wilson Wong/Wikimedia Commons

Okay. Well, good on Robbie. The next trick is for a pro athlete to come out and people shrug their shoulders and go, “Okay. Whatever.” The victory truly comes when it’s a non-issue.

Still, this is great. I only wish him the best, though I do feel a bit sad that he felt he had to retire to come out.