John Barrowman Must Have Lost a Bet or Something…..


Television’s hottest sci-fi couple: Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones and John Barrowman (r) as Capt. Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. One helluva great show!

John Barrowman Hosting ABC Singing Contest Show — Vulture.

Recent Scandal guest star and Torchwood mainstay John Barrowman will host a reality contest show for ABC called Sing Your Face Off. According to EW, five celebrity (“celebrity”) contestants will “take on the identity of an iconic music performer each week,” attempting to impress judges Debbie Gibson and Darrell Hammond. The contestants are Jon Lovitz, Lisa Rinna, Sebastian Bach, NBA player Landry Fields, and Disney Channel actress China Anne McClain, so place your bets accordingly. As horrendous as this all sounds, maybe SYFO is the first step toward a musical special starring the cast of Scandal! Not a musical episode of the show, mind you, just a one-off special. Maybe with holiday songs?

Okay, far be it from me to impugn the choices of Mr. Barrowman, whom I adore — especially as Capt. Jack in Torchwood — but DAMN. I’m not sure it can get any worse that this. I mean, without hillbillies hand-fishing, of course.

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