Anderson Cooper Inspired a Heavy Metal Song


CNN silver fox Anderson Cooper at Tulane University recently. Cooper is called a “CNN cyborg” by the group Cryptic Murmurs. I can’t contemplate that as I’m too busy being mesmerized by his dreamy eyes!
Image: Wikimedia Commons


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has inspired what he calls “a soulful ballad,” a heavy metal song by the Cryptic Murmurs. The song, appropriately titled “Anderson Cooper,” includes the lyrics: “usually has a stern look on his face / stands in the middle of hurricanes” and “has never lost his composure … ever … not even once.”

via Anderson Cooper Inspired a Heavy Metal Song – TVNewser.

You really should watch the video clip of Cooper talking about the heavy metal song named after him. There’s no reason Cooper has to have a sense of humor about himself and his reputation, but the fact that he does makes me like him even more!

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