Lick Me? Tom of Finland Art Featured on Postage Stamp

Homoerotic artist Tom of Finland gets the official stamp of approval | Art and design | The Guardian.

True. But not in the U.S.

You can’t be shocked. Our postal service is more than a little bit too conservative for THAT!

No, Finland is giving Tom of Finland a place in philatelic history. And the images are, according to The Guardian article, some of the most daring ever put on a stamp, even if they are tame by T of F standards.

Tom of Finland stamps

Finland’s Tom of Finland stamps, some of the most overtly homoerotic images to appear on an official government-issued postage stamp.


A nation’s stamps often mirror the nation’s culture and Finland is notoriously more open-minded to LGBT issues than other countries in the West. Still, times are changing. The Royal Mail issued a stamp commemorating Alan Turing in 2012. And next month, the USPS honors Harvey Milk with a stamp bearing the slain San Francisco councilman’s visage and a small rainbow flag. There is an effort currently underway to get the postal service to commemorate civil rights leader Bayard Rustin on a stamp as well.

Leather gloves and bare asses are, we can safely assume, not going to happen in the US mail anytime soon.

Steven Soderbergh on Art

It was on the wall of a cave in France 30,000 years ago, and it’s because we are a species that’s driven by narrative. Art is storytelling, and we need to tell stories to pass along ideas and information, and to try and make sense out of all this chaos. And sometimes when you get a really good artist and a compelling story, you can almost achieve that thing that’s impossible which is entering the consciousness of another human being – literally seeing the world the way they see it. Then, if you have a really good piece of art and a really good artist, you are altered in some way, and so the experience is transformative and in the minute you’re experiencing that piece of art, you’re not alone.

from a speech given by Soderbergh at the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival

via The Dish. (Thanks, Andrew Sullivan, for posting this. Most excellent, indeed)