Lick Me? Tom of Finland Art Featured on Postage Stamp

Homoerotic artist Tom of Finland gets the official stamp of approval | Art and design | The Guardian.

True. But not in the U.S.

You can’t be shocked. Our postal service is more than a little bit too conservative for THAT!

No, Finland is giving Tom of Finland a place in philatelic history. And the images are, according to The Guardian article, some of the most daring ever put on a stamp, even if they are tame by T of F standards.

Tom of Finland stamps

Finland’s Tom of Finland stamps, some of the most overtly homoerotic images to appear on an official government-issued postage stamp.


A nation’s stamps often mirror the nation’s culture and Finland is notoriously more open-minded to LGBT issues than other countries in the West. Still, times are changing. The Royal Mail issued a stamp commemorating Alan Turing in 2012. And next month, the USPS honors Harvey Milk with a stamp bearing the slain San Francisco councilman’s visage and a small rainbow flag. There is an effort currently underway to get the postal service to commemorate civil rights leader Bayard Rustin on a stamp as well.

Leather gloves and bare asses are, we can safely assume, not going to happen in the US mail anytime soon.