In with The Outs

It’s no wonder, then, that the most accurate and essentially human portrayal of young gay men today can be found on the Net, not the networks. Since premiering in spring 2012, a web series called The Outs has taken the gay community by storm. It’s been praised by The Huffington Post, Out, Paper, and more for its heartfelt and realistic portrayals of a group of 20somethings as they struggle with life and love in the city.

via Adam Goldman, on The Outs – Page – Interview Magazine.

Good interview with Adam Goldman by Benjamin Lindsay in Interview, which, I suppose, is a bit redundant. I mean, you don’t expect bad interviews from a publication called Interview, now do you.

Anyhow, I’m not a Brooklyn hipster, I’m definitely not a 20-something, so I’m not sure I’m remotely in The Outs demographic, but I really do LOVE this web series. It’s witty, it’s well-crafted, well-produced and well acted. Smart, sparkling dialogue that exudes a fantastic reality. Refreshing, really. What’s not to love. The exceptional eye candy as witnessed below (along with the adorable Tommy Heleringer, who deserves a shout-out) make it a treat to watch.


(l-r) Hunter Canning, Sasha Winters and Adam Goldman star in the exceptional Web series, The Outs. Photo: Interview/Unusually Fine Photography

Along with The Outs, I’ve been captivated by additional Web series, such as Husbands and recently L.A.-based Eastsiders, which I’ve written about here as well as on my Marketing blog. I’ve watched a lot of others, but these are the best of the lot — well at least in the “I’m hunting for high quality content with a gay bent” aisle that I’m shopping in. And that aisle is damn near bare in the network big box supermarkets.

(Aren’t you impressed that I segued so easily from Marketing into marketing? It’s okay, often I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny.)