The King of [Frat Party] Beers?

There really aren’t words … but I’ll try.

HOW DUMB ARE YOU, BUDWEISER? Did no one in your marketing department raise this issue? Did no one think this might possibly be offensive in some (if not all) circumstances? Did no one care that there could be backlash? Did no one factor in the cost of recalling all of those beer bottles? The idiot of the week award goes to ….

Perhaps the Clydesdales could have done better.

At any rate, thank heavens for John Oliver, a voice of reason in this sea of utter madness.

‘Titanic II’ Will Set Sail by 2016 — What the Hell??

‘Titanic II’ Will Set Sail by 2016, Costumes Included.| Mashable

Australian mining billionaire and professor Clive Palmer — and his Blue Star Line company — held a press conference in New York City on Tuesday morning to unveil the new blueprints of the Titanic II, which was first announced in 2012.

Does ANYONE have a good feeling for this? Here’s what I think: the ship Titanic is known for one thing and one thing only. It is etched into the global consciousness as being synonymous with sinking. What’s their new slogan going to be: “This time we may stay afloat??”

A few years ago I was in Inverness, Scotland and we stayed at the Royal Highland Hotel, whose claim to fame is that the staircase there was the inspiration for the grand staircase on H.M.S. Titanic. Nice staircase. Crappy hotel.