Wave of Appeals Expected to Turn the Tide on Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Very good analysis in the Times. I think we all wish for a rose-colored past where these issues of civil inequality could have been decided years — decades — ago, but it’s a grand time to be alive and to watch the change. A better America awaits us tomorrow. A better one still, the day after that. Keep your eyes on the prize, babies! We’ll get there.

The Supreme Court will be all but forced to decide if, as appears possible, different circuits reach clashing conclusions. The one most likely to decide against same-sex marriage, many experts say, is the Fifth Circuit, which will decide the Texas appeal. That circuit includes Mississippi and Louisiana, and the court is viewed as largely made up of conservative judges.

via Wave of Appeals Expected to Turn the Tide on Same-Sex Marriage Bans – NYTimes.com.

OK Gov. Tells Guard Not to Process Benefits for Gay Couples

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has ordered the National Guard to stop processing requests for military benefits for same-sex couples, her office confirmed Tuesday, despite a Pentagon directive to do so.

Fallin spokesman Alex Weintz said the governor was following the wish of Oklahoma voters, who approved a constitutional amendment in 2004 that prohibits giving benefits of marriage to gay couples.

via Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Gov., Tells National Guard To Stop Processing Benefits For Gay Couples.

*sigh* It’s like living in a country run by wolves sometimes. With apologies to smart wolves.

Native American Tribes Beginning to Allow Same-Sex Marriages

With an exchange of rings and a kiss, two men became spouses Friday during a ceremony at a northern Michigan Indian reservation after the tribal chairman signed a measure approving same-sex marriage in a state where it’s officially banned.

via Michigan Native American Tribal Chairman Signs Gay Marriage Bill.|John Flesher/AP – Huffington Post

At least two other U.S. Indian tribes recognize gay marriage. The Coquille Tribe in North Bend, Ore., began recognizing the unions in 2009 and the Suquamish Tribe in Suquamish, Wash., did so in 2011. Oregon, like Michigan, has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

This is very interesting. I really had no idea that Indian tribes were beginning to allow same-sex marriage. It will be interesting, as the national tide shifts, to see how this plays out in the whole debate.

Meanwhile, good on ya! The native peoples have always had a better grasp on the spiritual than we interlopers, IMHO.