Twin Brothers To Face Different Treatment From Boy Scouts

Liam And August Easton-Calabria, Twin Brothers, To Face Different Treatment From Boy Scouts.

I wrote a long diatribe on this the other day for a Scouting for Equality post on Facebook, because the Boy Scouts incense me.

I’m sure it was because I was a Boy Scout. Patrol Leader. Order of the Arrow. One of a league of Eagle Scouts-in-everything-but-name who didn’t finish their Eagle Project on time and so stupidly lost out on calling themselves that. Also, gay.

Scouting has shifted to a crazy right-wing organization that bears no resemblance to the organization that I knew and respected. Scouting taught me to stand up and be counted, to tell my own truth, to always remember that a Scout is brave.

There’s no bravery in what Scouting says to these brothers.

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