DOMA Hurts Gay Military Couples [VIDEO]

DOMA Hurts Gay Military Couples After DADT Repeal, Says U.S. Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps.

On the heels of the one-year anniversary of the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” U.S Marine Corps Captain Matthew Phelps made history when he became the first gay man to propose marriage to his boyfriend Ben Schock at the White House.

Now the newly engaged couple are featured in a new video that demonstrates how the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, counteracts many of the benefits same-sex military spouses should be receiving in the wake of the DADT repeal.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has urged the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA when it hears arguments next month.

The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to strike down the Defense Of Marriage Act in a brief that calls the law unconstitutional because it violates “the fundamental guarantee of equal protection.”  HuffPo

My Continuing Tirade Against The Powers That Be

Updating Reaganomics –

TODAY’S Republicans are very good at tending the fire of Ronald Reagan’s memory but not nearly as good at learning from his successes. They slavishly adhere to the economic program that Reagan developed to meet the challenges of the late 1970s and early 1980s, ignoring the fact that he largely overcame those challenges, and now we have new ones. It’s because Republicans have not moved on from that time that Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, in their responses to the State of the Union address last week, offered so few new ideas.

This cut is from Ramesh Ponnuru’s op-ed in the Times. It’s a great piece and it’s so similar to the cover story on the Times Magazine that I posted yesterday on the marketing blog in my rant against old white guys  and the inability for the status quo to shift on its own.

This is an ongoing concern of mine: how the right wing is not listening to younger people. By extension it’s about senior management of all political stripes not listening to younger people and stifling new ideas because they are uncomfortable with them. You know, things like marriage equality. And social media.

H/T Andrew Sullivan

Breaking News: Chris Christie is Fat


New Jersey’s Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a fat guy. That’s what was topping the national news this evening. It’s because President Clinton’s former physician was quoted as saying she was worried that Christie might die in office because he’s overweight.

First of all, what business is it of hers?

Second of all, how rude can you be? You want to espouse medical knowledge when you’ve never even met the man? And you want to do it in public? Beyond tacky.

Third of all, there are plenty of very healthy “overweight” people. Some people have blonde hair. Some people are bald. Some people are gay. Some people are straight. And some people are fat. End of.

Finally, while there is very, very, VERY little that the New Jersey governor and I agree on politically — though I must admit I appreciated his outrage at the Federal non-response to Superstorm Sandy — but I will tell you this: no one knows Chris Christie is fat better than Chris Christie. No one who has ever been overweight — ten pounds or two hundred pounds — is not aware of it.

Soderbergh’s Liberace Movie “Too Gay,” Say Studios

Behind The Candelabra, Liberace Movie With Michael Douglas And Matt Damon, Deemed Too Gay By Studios: Director.

“Nobody would make it,” Soderbergh told The New York Post of his new movie, which stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. “We went to everybody in town. They all said it was too gay.”

Soderbergh, whose credits include “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Traffic,” as well as last summer’s smash “Magic Mike,” said he was “stunned” by the response.

2013 Winter TCA Tour - Day 1

Michael Douglas plays Liberace and Matt Damon is his lover in Steven Soderbergh’s new movie, “Beyond the Candelabra,” which airs on HBO.


I love Steven Soderbergh — all the way back to Sex, Lies and Videotape days — but I’m shocked that he hasn’t realized that the most homophobic place in America is Hollywood.

This is why, shamefully, so many actors are afraid to come out: they fear they’ll never work again. Crazy frustrating.

I just watched an interview with Cheyenne Jackson — amazing talent and gorgeous to boot — who said that he’s sure he’s lost parts because he’s very open about who he is. That’s just sad. And wrong.

And one last thing before I head off to punch a wall: It’s a movie about Liberace. What did you expect? We were going to butch it up?

Evangelist Franklin Graham Claims Complete Economic Collapse May Be Needed To Fix America

“In the last four years, we have begun to turn our backs on God,” Graham told Walter. “We have taken God out of our education system. We have taken him out of government. You have lawyers that sue you every time you mention the name of Jesus Christ in any public forum. What has happened is we have allowed ourselves to take God out everything that we do – and I believe that God will judge our nation one day.”

via Evangelist Franklin Graham Claims Complete Economic Collapse May Be Needed To Fix America VIDEO.

Here’s what I have to say to Franklin Graham: kiss my gay ass.

I swear, these evangelical wingnuts have no idea about our history. Taking God out of education? Out of government? Really? Franklin obviously grew up in a completely different country than I did.

He and his father have this extraordinarily scary ability to appear normal. But they’re not. They’re the worst thing about America.

Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

Jay Michaelson: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage: 4 Points for Undecided Voters to Consider.

This is an excellent article.

I really do understand the complicated religious questions that same-sex marriage brings up, but make no mistake: A vote for so-called “traditional marriage” is a vote against the dignity of gay and lesbian people. It is deeply hurtful and deeply unfair. And unfortunately, there’s just no getting around that.

As Michaelson points out, this “separate but equal” business was always been a stumbling block for me. As a gay man, as someone who was brought up in the Church, as a somewhat amateur Anglican theologian (back then; now lapsed), using the word marriage always tripped me up.

My modest proposal, back when this was gaining traction in the 90s, was a civil union for all. Reserve marriage for the Church, but make the state mandate a civil contract for all partnerships, gay or otherwise.

This never got any traction, but I think we could have moved forward faster — evolved faster, to use the President’s term — if we could have come to a consensus on civil unions for all 20 years ago. That way, no one could be denied the rights we are still fighting for — all 1,100 of them — and no member of the clergy could stand in for the government. You could get married, if you chose to do so, in the church or synagogue or temple or mud hut or funeral parlor of your choice.

You could swing incense and have communion; you could handle snakes or jump a broom, but legally it would mean bupkiss. In order for your partnership to be legal — in order for you to check that box on the 1040 short form beside “Married Filing Jointly,” you would have to be civilly united at a courthouse or justice of the peace’s office or by some other registered civil servant of your municipality. Every single man, woman, sheepdog and houseplant.

And if the Lutheran Church, the Episcopal Church, the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or the Church of the Poisoned Mind refused to “marry” two women, well, who the hell cares. You could still get hitched by Andy Taylor down on Main Street in Mayberry, U.S.A. Fill out the form in triplicate and pay your $25.

Think about this: today, you can be married in a church, by a member of the clergy, but no one is talking about preserving the sanctity of traditional, religious divorce. Why? Because the dissolution of a marriage is a civil act.

Today, I’m old enough and cranky enough to say that I want to get married and that I WILL marry my partner someday, if for no other reason that it will allow me to thumb my nose at the knuckle-dragging, gammy-handed, drooling troglodytes.

Someone should elect me to office. I’ll fix ’em!

New report outlines sweeping inequalities facing LGBT Americans – LGBTQ Nation

New report outlines sweeping inequalities facing LGBT Americans – LGBTQ Nation.


To paraphrase Dan Savage, here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we’re always at the end of the line with the freedom and the bravery.

Janet Suzman ‘mad as a snake’ over Rylance and Shakespeare ‘myths’ | Culture | The Observer

Janet Suzman ‘mad as a snake’ over Rylance and Shakespeare ‘myths’ | Culture | The Observer.

You go girl!

I’ve been deeply involved in this crazy Stratfordian/Oxfordian debate at one time in my life. It’s all stuff and nonsense.

Who wrote Shakespeare? Shakespeare.

End of.

Here’s The Telegraph coverage of Dame Janet.